Beard Transplants

Ever since the days of Herzl, the Visionary of the State, the bearded face has had great importance, and many men, religious and secular, grew beards that testified to their high status in the community.
Over the years, the beard became increasingly the distinguishing quality of religious men, and fewer secular men grew beards.
Once again with the passage of time, the present change has come about, and many secular and religious men prefer the 1cm. length
growth, or even leaving just a bristle to give a macho appearance.
Here we enter the picture with the possibility of performing hair transplants in bare areas on the face, thereby providing a consistency of appearance, both manly and full.
Up till a number of years ago ,it was not the practice to do beard transplants as they would leave scars at the back, but today we perform beard transplants, generally via the FUE method, in the same way that we transplant hair into the scalp:  the implants are taken one by one from the rear area of the scalp without leaving any scar there, and are transplanted into the bare patches on the face.
We have to point out that this procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic, that throughout, it is painless and as previously stated there are no scars.
In the first week, sores form which become scabs that fall off after about a week, and the transplanted hair begins to grow very gradually after three months – after six months there is a 50% growth, and after a year it is complete. The hair transplanted in the beard looks completely natural and has merged well with the existing beard.
Nowadays, beard hair transplants have become a trend evidenced by the large number of young men who desire a macho look which the beard provides.

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